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  • What is Paul's School Of Magic?

Paul's School of magic is a magic course that teaches children valuable life skills through magic in a fun environment. There is not a permanent location to this "School", it is being taught in different locations in the triad and they are subject to change.

  • How does Paul's School of Magic teach Life Skills?

At Paul's School Of Magic we like to think that we are teaching a life skills course masked as a magic class. Each carefully crafted leasson has a different value/trait as its backbone to ensure your child is learning not just a magic trick but how to respect others, how to be humble, enthusiastic.. and at the same time learning the skills to communicate with their peers and relate to others in ways no other course could. 

  • My daughter is interested in magic, will this be appropiate for her?

Yes! Sure, more boys than girls get into magic, but that is changing. There are more girls than ever before performing magic and the percentage of girls learning magic is increasing every year!

  • Who's teaching the class?

Classes will be taught by magician Paul Spring and one other instructor at all times. 

  • What kind of tricks are you going to teach?

Our Magic course features a wide range of tricks from making things appear and disappear to reading minds and passing a solid through a solid. Many of these tricks are unique to our program and they all feature a kid friendly presentation.

  • My Child has never done magic before. Will she be able to do these tricks?
Yes every trick is simple enough for a beginner and designed for small hands. No prior experience is necessary.
  • My child has never expressed interest in becoming a magician, is that ok?

Yes - Even if your child has never expressed interest in magic, Most kids love watching and learning magic tricks and usualy after the first class your child will be thrilled they are learning magicians secrets!

  • Is there any additional materials needed other than the ones provided by the class?

No. The course includes all custom secret folders and magic tricks that will be taught, online lesson card, certificate of accomplishment and custom magic wand!